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ABOUT lo-fli

The lo-fli fly fishing system provides the angler with the unique opportunity to fish with an unparalleled alternative to traditional fly fishing methods. The fight begins and ends at your fingertips. Every head shake, every run will be at the whim of your finger pressure and skill. No moving parts, no buzzing drag to drown out the sound of a native brookie attempting an escape over a hopelessly shallow riffle. We here at lo-fli offer you this one of a kind fly fishing system.


The lo-fli system's designer, Paul Osimo, is a professional product designer with a BA in Industrial Design from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, and is an obsessive fisherman. He worked as co-captain and mate beside world famous sport fisherman and author, Captain Alan Anderson. Paul experimented and developed innovative fishing solutions with Alan for many years. Paul has designed fishing products for fishing companies such as Mystery Tackle Box, and for years  has developed dive toys and other hydrodynamic aquatic toys including a line of inflatable Paipos (ancient Hawaiian body boards) which earned him the prestigious International Design Award (IDA) in 2014.


“I am hopelessly addicted to fishing, it’s ridiculous really. I used to hide a make-shift fly rod behind a tree outside an old employer’s office. During my lunch break I’d fish with a sapling branch, some thin cordage for line, a bent, sharpened sewing needle and whatever fuzz or yarn blew into the parking lot that day.  

I found it endlessly entertaining to fish with this minimal and comically basic equipment. I’d catch pumpkinseeds and sunnies like crazy, then switched to pickerel and large mouth bass with this slap-together setup, and it made me realize that you don't need all that fancy-dancy gear to get a little practice in at ponds and streams that wouldn’t be considered traditional fishing spots.” 

-Paul Osimo, lo-fli designer & founder

"Use it while on vacation, use it while on a hike, use it at that spot you pass everyday on your way home from work, use it during your lunch break, use it in hopelessly tight spots, use it in beautiful wide open spots, use it to fill that missing spot in your fly gear collection or use it as your only piece of fly equipment. No matter how you use it, use it to have fun.


-Paul Osimo, lo-fli designer & founder




Please credit all below photos to Apparition 

instagram: @a.p.p.a.r.i.t.i.o.n


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