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Paul Osimo

Product designer and former offshore charter fishing captain, Paul has been an obsessive angler for 30+ years.


Growing up on Cape Cod, a penninsula equally choked with fishermen and fishing opportunities, he had to concoct some unconventional and sometimes downright  outlandish fishing methods to catch this area's wary, lure-familiar fish. 


Fly fishing was always a very handy tool in his fishing toolbox, more times than not proving to be the only effective option.


This new idea of his offers you the unique option to finally figure out that double haul without having to head to your nearest football field and a responsive light tackle fly fishing outfit to boot, all without the need for any moving parts. 

He believes this product will be appreciated by the slew of fly anglers that know what they need for equipment, and more importantly, recognize when they don't have the right tool for the job.


He realizes this outfit seems specific in size and scope, but has used it successfully in a vast array of fly fishing situations.


He is excited for you to do the same.