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Our goal is to provide you, the angler, with a purely line-in-hand fly fishing experience. With our fixed spool you'll enjoy a direct tactile connection to the fish, every head shake, every tail beat will be literally at your fingertips. Our rod offers a unique flavor of fly fishing for those who see hopelessly tight fishing situations as challenges worth taking. With lo-fli, unlock those spots others simply can't and catch those fish others may never reach. 


They're not for bonefishing on the flats of Christmas Island, they're not for tangling with the chrome-sided steelhead of the Salmon River, our fixed spools are a purpose built line storage system providing a flexible length of adjustable line for cramped, unforgiving angling situations. They celebrate line-in-hand fishing, maintaining a direct connection between the angler and their quarry. The design has come a long way during their development, tested in multiple materials, sizes and configurations. Our spools, in their 2 sizes, offer a simple, straightforward and elegant line storage system for your roll casting, slingshotting, bushwhacking, backpacking wilderness adventures.

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 10.41.03 AM.png

At 6 feet, the 5/6 wt and it's little sister the 3/4 wt were created to make themselves at home in the

leafy claustrophobic tunnels hiding so many stretches of streams, brooks and oddball rivulets most anglers pass off as unfishable nightmares. They break down to 19.5", small enough for a carry-on, hiking pack or bike touring bag. Designed with the help of our engineer pals over at Batson Enterprises Inc. you can rest assured that this piece of fishing equipment is built to the highest standards of quality. With that easy, buttery action you can only get from fiberglass these 

wonderfully versatile setups are rods you'll have trouble not bringing everywhere. 




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