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How does lo-fli work?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Here's some common questions we've gotten over the past year regarding using the lo-fli system.

Q: Is this thing left handed and right handed?

A: Yup, it sure is. If you're casting LEFTY the spool opening should be on the right side, and for casting RIGHTY the spool opening should be on the left side.

Q: Line: What do I use and what the heck do I do with it?

A: As far as purchasing line for this spool, get yourself a standard length (100ft) of fly line and cut it directly in half. Our spool holds between 40 and 50 feet of line depending on the weight you're using. If you want 2 identical lengths of line, buy a shooting line or a double taper. If you want 2 different line styles of line for the price of one, buy yourself a weight forward line that then turns into a double taper and a shooting line when halved. If you buy a standard length sinking tip, you get a sinking line and a floating line when halved. If you have old line kicking around halve that line, ditch the first 50' and use the rear 50'. Neat right?

For casting and retrieving, it's the same as you would with a standard fly fishing outfit. You unfurl the amount of line you'd like to cast, and then retrieve the line through your casting hand's fingers. Remember, this spool was designed to provide a 100% line-in-hand angling experience, so you play the fish entirely with casting hand finger pressure and a stripping retrieve. The method for managing retrieved line during the capture of a fish is entirely up to the angler, some let it fall in front of them, some put it off to their side, some folks like to use a basket, all we can recommend is to not step on it.

Q: What if I my fish runs my access casting line down to the action spool, am I screwed?

A: Heck no, we gave you an action spool with extra line for just that situation. If Mr. Big wants line, let him have it. Unfurl the line off the spool sideways and through your stripping hand's fingers. The shape of the action spool will allow the line to dump smoothly until the last couple feet, so... you know... try not to let them get that far.

BONUS: We have tried fishing these with backing, it won't fit a whole lot, but if you're shooting for the moon with this setup (you wacko) we urge you to consider wearing some type of finger protection... and take pictures, we want pictures.

Q: What do I do with the line when I want to sneak and prowl from spot to spot?

A: Just do what you probably already do, grab a first-cast's-worth coil of line like all those cool guy bonefish guides do, grab leader or tippet or fly, and go to all the spots, all the spots ever. Go crazy with spots.

Q: What if I have a question that isn't answered on this blog post?

A: Email us any and all questions (lo-fli related, regular chit-chat, baking questions, whatever) at and we'll be happy to try to answer them for you!

BONUS: If you had a question but then came up with a slick solution to it on your own, let us know and we'll draw it up and post it (with you credited) so others can benefit from your thinky creative brain. If it's clever enough, we'll even send you something fun.

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